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"Your work is amazing! I was actually hugging my envelopes and squealing with delight when I saw them! Thank you so much."

— Kelly Possinger
Downingtown, PA


Kathy Milici

24 Karat Designs specializes in hand lettering, with 35 years of professional experience and a superb reputation for uncompromising, consistent excellence and impeccable service.

Specializing in wedding calligraphy: invitations and envelopes, place cards and escort cards, menus, programs, illustrated wedding vows, special signage and couture stationery. Also, poetry and song lyrics, and special commissions, all handwrought by award-winning artist, Kathy Milici.

In this high-tech, high-speed world, we offer you the intimate and ancient art of calligraphy, to commemorate a special day or to remind you of important, deeply-held beliefs. Whether you choose to have  your wedding envelopes hand-lettered or a special quotation uniquely rendered, you will appreciate this exquisite work, done with skill and artistry.

Real calligraphy is truly affordable.

Mission Statement

Promoting and Preserving the Art of Beautiful Writing

24 Karat Designs is dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of beautiful writing. I am committed to serve present and future generations of like-minded people by linking with scribes and artistic scholars of past generations. All calligraphy is rendered with the utmost sense of honor and excellence, while maintaining the integrity of the meaning of the work itself. I strive for all work to be visually beautiful, spiritually uplifting and thought provoking.

It is my passion and desire to serve and teach others, and foster a sharing community that will continue our artistic heritage for thousands of years.

In love of letters,

Kathy Milici